Creating a page for you, that works for you!!

Hi All,
As a lot of you probably tried, is to find a way to be fit and healthy. Going to the gym for weeks, which you hate and trying all these different foods you do not like.
Yes been there, done that. Now i am trying it different. Obviously you want to feel good in your own skin. But it doesn’t matter what kind of skin you like, as long as you are happy. At this moment i am trying it different. Working out 3 times a week, On Monday, Wednesday and Friday 28 Min, sometimes i do switch the days because i am to busy. This is an work out schedule from Kayla Itsines. I bought it about 2 years ago, never work because the first week your full body is killing you. At the moment i am at week 3, and start to feel great already. Also i started to do Yoga 3 times a week and i just do this at home on YouTube on our Apple TV. This means i do not have to pay for expensive classes, But working out at home means you need to have discipline. Do you really want it or do you just want it because everyone else has it.
When i am at week 4, i will make a picture of my progress and show you how my body has changed within 4 weeks.
And yes i still drink in the weekends and eat my chocolates, i am not on meal preps, i do eat healthy. Not restrict myself if i really want something. Also i will show recipes i am making (love making breads and cakes, that does not take to much of time to make)